More FAQ's

What is TAD and how does it work?

Yes, Aimee is 100% free.

Does Aimee require insurance?

No, Aimee does not require insurance. We may collect insurance information to understand who we are serving, but we will never bill insurance.

Does Aimee serve people without legal status?

Yes, we serve everyone in America and we do not require a valid social security number.

Who are you guys?

We are a team of 100 people led by Stanford and Caltech PhDs. We built the telehealth system for NASA Space Station and SpaceX. We traveled to over 50 countries deploying telemedicine in refugee camps and orphanages over the last 10 years. At our heart, we are nerds who want to make a difference.

Why are you doing this?

Healthcare is too expensive for many Americans; we believe a parent should never have to choose between seeing a doctor or buying a birthday gift for their kids. We believe everyone should be able to see a doctor for free.